He & she was in the same faculty and university, but that is not where it all began. They were on different circle of friends, and almost never met or talk to each other. He remembers her as one of the hijab chic on the costume division who made those ants costumes with the giant butts, and she only remembers him to be the guy who had hair like the half-bald alien from the movie Predator.

"2008... Wulululu~"

Circa 2014, on a random day he ask her about her graduation photo, he says he actually thought he is on the same graduation batch as her, when it is actually not. She didn't recall him as being in the same graduation batch as her, but she said OK anyway.


 After a while, he ask her if she had found the grad photo, she replies with an apology because she hadn't even start to search for the thing, but later found out that she didn't have the photo, and then her replies follows with a Brown angel LINE sticker holding a heart wand. Right about then he is thrilled accepting that sticker, thought that she gives him a green light signal to approach her, meanwhile she did it because she felt bad. But that sticker accidentally led to an unexpected occurrences.


"One sticker to rule them all"

At that time, she have only gotten off from a broken hearted state, and did not open herself for another possible relationship. But somehow, strangely, she open the door for him.


 For a first date, he did things that's so unexpected for her.

He first came to her house with a shy face on his face and his old blue 1973 Honda C70 motorbikes.

"This is how we rode the bike."

 He walk to her door house holding two cameras, then he lent her one. Thus they start the first date with film camera on their hands, to capture moments of the first date together. She was like "what have i done to be treated so special? We havent even spent time together before this". At first it was a very unusual feeling for her, but she liked it anyway. By the way, the place where they will do the sacred oath, Rumah Bunga Rizal, was actually the place they’ve gone to for the first date.

Aji Abram

"Look at those Cat-ctus."

After the unusual first date, they began to chat a little bit longer, he asks things boy ask when he's interested on a girl, she replies it finding comfort talking to him, amazed by the connection of sense humor they share. Not only once they said an exact similar thing on the same time, jinx, right ? Their jokes are so bad, they feel like they're meant for each other. Their traits aren't that different either, they are both sensitive and romantic, the only difference are the way they express it. They once each made a play list for each other, it was a funny one because,


"He gave her sweet songs and she was a bit surprised at the melancholic feel on the play list."

He was expecting melancholy songs, but got jump scares instead.

Because she gave him dragonforce.

(But she put some other good stuff too in there, LOL, it's not a metal/rock play list.)

"Jaw-dropping moment"

And then, their journey continues, with peaceful times on the start, with rocks of "life trials" followed after, but they get through it a little at a time and felt more close after tackling them, and decided to continue the journey...hey, the rocks are still coming, so why not face them together onwards right ?


"The Wanderers."

December 11th 2016 : She and him decided to hold a wedding on this date, they are hoping you will come to their wedding, to see them tie the knot, and share the joy together.

dear family and friends,





08.00 - 09.30 WIB


DECEMBER 11 2016,

10.00 - 13.30 WIB




Use casual outfit, flat shoes or wedges, it's a garden party :)